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Bits & Pieces

Art 7processed
Art 5processed
art10 processed
art 9 processed
Staggerwing poster processed
Art 8processed
Art 6processed
Art 4processed

In the early to mid-1970’s, I got interested in black and white images with no gray scale (called “line shots” in the printing business) and with halftone screening. The halftone art images shown here were made by projecting newspaper prints onto posterboard with a slide projector, tracing out the halftone dots by hand with a pencil, and then inking in the black areas with a small paint brush dipped in india ink. The line shots were done by contact printing black and white photographic negatives onto Kodalith copy film, projecting the resulting line shots with a slide projector, and penciling and inking as above.

Samples of My Artwork From the 1970’s
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