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Mark Wilson
(guitar, keys and vocals)
Niels Jacob Nielsen
(bass and droll commentary)

Mark Wilson is an electric, eclectic and ecstatic showman who has unique musical style and creative wit. He is a classy guy and bon vivant who finds himself constantly hounded by females of all ages and persuasions. He has a wide variety of musical interests that range from opera to top-forty.  He has played with numerous bands in the Eugene/Springfield area including Single Mary, The Smokin' Souls, Roctopia, and other bands whose names have long been buried in the shifting sands of time. He is a tasteful dresser, a hypochondriac, a wild driver, and the last of the big-time spenders.

Bassist Niels Jacob Ni elsen is the newest member of the Now Brothers. He self-describes as a recovering ex-engineer and high-tech fugitive, who is capable of performing difficult and delicate operations using only his mind. He started playing electric bass in 1970 played in a number of rock bands while in college and while working in high tech. During that time he also built, repaired, and customized electric guitars, basses, tube amps, microphones, and PA systems for himself and his friends including John and Mark, his cohorts in The Now Brothers.  He often performs with them on homebrew equipment constructed from recycled materials salvaged from old electronics and thrift shops. In addition to playing bass in the Now Brothers, he constructs boutique amplifiers and unique electric and acoustic basses under the Nielsen Kill-O-Watt brand and is the founder and chief organizer of the Corvallis Vacuum Tube Collective. The Collective meets weekly at Niels’ laboratory where the members cut wood, solder wires, drink, salvage old electronics, share ideas, drink, make noise with their electric guitars and basses and drink. Samples of his work and more information on the Collective is available elsewhere on this website.

The French rock magazine Larsen calls guitarist/singer John “Johnny Now” Barley a great guitar player. The Arizona Daily Star calls him a “ commanding guitar player.” He toured the U.S. and Europe with R&B/R&R legend Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. He also toured Europe with Tucson, AZ Garage/Psych band The Marshmallow Overcoat and played on their album “A Touch of Evil.” He has toured with Roy Loney, a founding member of San Francisco’s great garage punk masters The Flamin’ Groovies. As singer/songwriter/guitarist for The Falling Spikes he has released records on Northwest labels Estrus and Moxie, NYC’s Chaos Records and Germany’s Music Maniac.  Johnny Now has played with many local bands, including The Nads, Xplorers, Los Falcons, Oklahoma Crude, Guardians of American Morality, Los Mex Pistols, The Harvel Bros. and many others.  John was band leader/guitarist for the annual Elvis Presley birthday show that sold out Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe and Experience Music Project for many years. Larsen also says John is “allumé et barbu (sorti directment des Freak Brothers”- that is, “wild, lit up and hairy like the Freak Brothers.” Is this a good thing? Come hear The Now Brothers and find out for yourself.

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The Now Brothers are a three-piece band that performs semi-acoustic and electric music in the mid-Willamette Valley. Their style is a mashup of a broad range of flavorful genres including roots/Americana, surf punk, chicken-fried country, swamp blues, unmedicated psychedelia and shameless power pop.

The Now Brothers includes Johnny Now Barley (pic right), Niels Nielsen (center), and Mark Wilson (left). 

For information on bookings, you can contact Niels through this site or email Mark Wilson at  or Johnny Now at

Sound clips for
Johnny Now
(guitar and vocals)


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