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Ever since elementary school, Niels has enjoyed creative writing. Except for English classes in high school, he is self-taught.  His main writing influences are the authors Hunter S. Thompson, Dave Barry, James Tiptree, Jr. and Raymond Chandler. He is currently working on a book based on blogs he has written under the pseudonym “Slim Volume, Desert Rat”.


Click HERE to read his collection of fiction and blog postings.

During his 28 years at HP, Niels distinguished himself by writing more extensively about inkjet technology than almost any other engineer in the field. His white papers on inkjet physics were used for years as course materials in classes he taught both for newly-hired engineers and also in seminars and workshops for more experienced practitioners of the art.


Click HERE to read some of his technical works, including musings about astrophysics and other things he is interested in.  


Let me tell you a story...



More Writings

Niels has been an electric bass player since 1970 and played in a number of working rock bands while in college and while working in high tech. During that time he also built, repaired, and customized electric guitars, basses, tube amps, and PA systems for himself and his friends.


Click  HERE to read his short monographs about such things as how tubes, speakers, and amps work, and how to go about troubleshooting them.

Click HERE to read more writings by Niels.  


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